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Alia’s Illustrations of Performing Physical Examinations Notes

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Alia’s Illustrations of Performing Physical Examinations Notes

This book is definitely a great news to ALL local medical undergraduates out there , yeay !

Physical Examination is a part of every assesment during clinical years and probably as early as 2nd year medical students . Having a good flow of examining patient and able to present nicely without hesitating will definitely giving the examiner a good impression of how prepared you are . Getting the right findings is another story as that really needs experience and adequate exposure.

Tell you what , this Alia notes is truly what you need as this book serves you illustrations (image) of step by step of physical examinations flow ,correct way to instruct patient to during your examination , correct way to put your hand during palpating and correct way in placing your stethoscope during auscultating . Well, examiner will definitely know if you know what you are doing by observing where would you press at the shin area to elicit the pitting edema . Alia notes tells  you where exactly to press it and how long to wait .

Plus point for this book is it provides standard exam oriented script for all physical examinations that was taught by most of local examiners in Malaysia (because the author was a local medical graduates too) . Trust me , examiners will teach you what they want to hear during the exam .

By practising your physical examinations using this book , by time , presenting physical examinations would be your second nature and from there you can focus on sharpening your palpating , percussing and auscultating skills.

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Author : Dr Alia Nadirah 


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