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Compilations of Essential Medical Resources for Malaysian Medical Students & Houseman

Get everything under the moon in 1 cloudfile. 

Be Smart . 

Get everything accessible through your smartphone just in split of second. 

Save Time

You dont need to download every single file from their respective website. We have gathered all of them in one file. 

Save Your Phone Space

Trust me your phone space will be occupied with photos of patient’s radiograph and etc. Let us help you to provide cloud space to store these resources.

Cloud Storage

All files are kept in Cloud Storage. You can get access to it from multiple device , any time , anywhere . Cool huh?


The contents are all updated . The CPG’s are all from the latest version. 

List of Contents

Full list of Updated CPGs (2019)

Collections of Ampang HO Guide 

  • General Internal Medicine 
  • Paediatrics
  • General Surgery 
  • Orthopaedic
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology 

Medical Books , Protocols & Notes 

  • Pediatric Protocols for Malaysian Hospitals 4th Edition (latest 2019)
  • Sarawak Handbook @ Handbook of Medical Emergencies
  • ECG Made Easy
  • GINA (Global Initiative for Asthma ) Pocketbook – Pocket Guide for Asthma Management and Prevention 
  • GOLD ( Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease )
  • National Antibiotic Guideline 2014
  • ATLS – Advance Trauma Life Support 10th Edition (latest)
  • The Surviving Sepsis Campaign Bundle : Updated 2018 

Houseman Guidelines 

  • A guide for Houseman by MMC Official
  • e – Houseman Manual
  • Borang Pemeriksaan Kesihatan ( document for Program Transformasi Minda Houseman )
  • Lampiran B (  document for Program Transformasi Minda Houseman )
  • SPA 6C (2014) Akuan Berkanun ( dokumen for Program Transformasi Minda Houseman )

Credits & Special tons of thanks to Dr Gerard Loh and team for his hardwork compiling ALL the Ampang HO Guide notes. 

Dr Gerard has his own blog whereby he shared abundance of tips , sharings and more notes that are very useful to medical students and housemen.

Click here to get access to his blog. 

Now you can have it ALL in only 1 click.More & more notes to come . Stay Tune ~

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