HOs’ Keynotes

The second edition of this Housemen’s Keynotes was published to fascilitate Malaysian housemen in their early days.
Our lives as housemen were full of sweet memories.
We enjoyed our housemanship period, but it was not an easy journey.

It was a bumpy ride for many if us.
We cried, weep and experience discouragement to finish our journey.
The heaviest steps was always at the beginning of a new posting

When we didn’t know what to do…
manage the common illness…

The idea of publishing these notes came from me and my friends when we completed housemanship.
During our times, great seniors and medical officers guided us on making decisions and plans for the patient.
They act as our models to copy and learn
until we are able to do it ourselves. We sure others did too.

Now that we have completed our journey,
and you are starting yours,
we wanted to pass these key notes to you.
In hoping to ease your journey and facilitates the learning process and interest within you in practicing medicines.

They were not meant to be used as primary reading sources, instead act as a support and helps in giving you the initial ‘push’ in laying out your plan for your patient.

Best of luck

Dr. Muhammed Whisz Qu’urnein & colleagues
Housemen batch July ’17-’19

Housemen’s Keynotes content:

3 volumes of keynotes filled with:

More than 150 common diseases management entry
for hospital settings from various postings,

  1. Medical posting
  2. Orthopaedic posting
  3. Surgical posting
  4. Obstetrics & Gynaecology Posting
  5. Peadiatrics Posting
  6. ED (green zone) Posting
  7. Common procedure entry to be used
    during documentation
    • Procedure entry are divided onto 2 parts, each in volume I and volume II respectively

Samples of entry plan or documentations are as follows:

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