77 Folliculitis / Furuncle


Folliculitis is a common, generally benign, skin condition in which the hair follicle becomes infected/inflamed and forms a pustule or erythematous papule of overlying hair-covered skin

Essential elements of history should include:

  • Recent increase of scratching due to pruritus
  • History of increased sweating
  • Use of topical corticosteroids
  • Recent and/or long term use of oral antibiotics
  • Any hot tub and/or swimming pool exposure
  • History of HIV with CD4 count less than 250 or immunosuppression (ex. A patient who recently had a transplant that’s on immunosuppressive drugs)

Physical exam should include close inspection of hair-bearing areas, including the bilateral upper and lower extremities as well as the chest, back, face, and scalp.

  • look for small pustules in these areas with peri-follicular inflammation.
folliculitis over the scalp
folliculitis over the back of the shoulder