68 Blepharitis


Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelids in which they become red, irritated and itchy with dandruff-like scales that form on the eyelashes.

  • It is a common eye disorder caused by either bacteria or a skin condition, such as dandruff of the scalp or rosacea.
  • Anterior blepharitis: blepharitis occurs at the outside front edge of the eyelid where the eyelashes attach.
  • Posterior blepharitis: affects the inner edge of the eyelid that touches the eyeball.

Presented with

  • gritty or burning sensation in  eyes,
  • excessive tearing,
  • itching,
  • red and swollen eyelids,
  • dry eyes or crusting of the eyelids. 
  • blurring of vision,
  • missing or misdirected eyelashes, and
  • inflammation of other eye tissue, particularly the cornea.
  • By touching and rubbing the irritated area, a secondary infection can also result.