64 Hordeolum (Stye)

Hordeolum (Stye)

A hordeolum (also called a stye) is a small, red, painful lump that grows from the base of your eyelash usually at edges of eyelid, sometimes under the eyelid.

Mostly are caused by a bacterial infection.

There are two kinds of hordeolum:

  • External hordeolum: A stye that begins at the base of your eyelash. Most are caused by an infection in the hair follicle. It might look like a pimple.
  • Internal hordeolum: A stye inside your eyelid. Most are caused by an infection in an oil-producing gland in your eyelid.
Red painful sore lump near the edges of lower eyelid
The skin around the stye may be swollen and red and the stye may be filled with yellow pus. The redness may be harder to see on brown and black skin.


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