63 Chalazion


A Chalazion (also known as Meibomian Cyst) appears as a lump on the eyelid

The condition typically presents as an inflamed swelling in the eyelid caused by a blocked oil duct (meibomian gland)

Very rarely, a chalazion may masquerade and in fact be a tumour called a meibomian gland carcinoma or sebaceous cell carcinoma, particularly if the chalazion doesn’t go away with incision and curettage surgery or appears solid at surgery, in which case a biopsy is taken.

chalazion has a typical “grey” appearance on the underside of the eyelid which helps to confirm the diagnosis

Quiet (chronic) VS Acute
A chalazion is a blockage that forms in the meibomian gland in the eyelids. It can affect the upper or lower eyelid in one or both eyes.
A chalazion, however, usually develops further inside the rim of your eyelid, whereas a normal stye usually appears on the edge of your eyelid.
A chalazion is an enlargement of an oil-producing gland in the eyelid.
Cyst in the eyelid caused by inflammation of a blocked oil gland