40 PEADS Meningitis

Lumbar puncture (Meningitis)

  • Lumbar puncture (LP) is performed at or below the L4 level
  • The conus medullaris finishes near L3 at birth, but at L1-2 by adulthood
  • The decision to perform LP should generally be discussed with a senior clinician
  • It is preferable to obtain a CSF specimen prior to antibiotic administration; however, antibiotics must not be unduly delayed in a child with signs of meningitis or sepsis
  • In a child with fever and purpura, in whom meningococcal infection is suspected, LP may not change the management and may cause deterioration
  • In term infants, the seated position has been shown to be the best tolerated and to also have the best chance of obtaining CSF
  • If an LP is unsuccessful on two occasions, refer to a senior colleague, reassess the need for LP and consider image guidance to assist
  • CT scans are not helpful in most children with meningitis; a normal CT scan does not exclude raised intracranial pressure (ICP) and brain herniation may occur even in the presence of a normal CT scan


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